Best Fiverr Gigs To Buy To Help Your Gigs Sell

If you guys and girls aren’t already aware, there are a lot of gigs on Fiverr that you can use to help your own gigs sell. I’m not talking about those “I will promote your Fiverr Gig” gigs. I’m talking about actual useful and practical gigs that can help your gigs as a Fiverr seller. For only $5, even using the money you already earned on Fiverr, you can invest into upgrading your gigs. You don’t have to be a jack of all trades. There are really skilled people on Fiverr who can handle aspects of your gig for you!

Graphic Design

Having a really well designed Gig photo or cover photo for your gig can really help you. Even if you just need a graphic edited or resized, there are sellers who can do it for you for only $5 to eliminate having to undertake the tedious task of doing it yourself, especially if you have no idea how or don’t have the software. Hire users who offer to be a generic graphic designer for more generic tasks such as editing or resizing or hire someone who specifically does banners for your Gig photo.


It’s a lot easier to get someone who is really experienced in writing sales copy to write up a good description or even title for your gig. They can even write the sales copy in your Gig video or Gig photo if you require it. I would recommend hiring someone who specifically specializes in sales copy for your gigs.

Video Scribe

If you need a Gig video why not hire someone to make one for you? Video scribes are a really popular trend right now and they look really good when it comes to quickly advertising what your gig is all about on Fiverr. Remember to keep the video short and to the point as these gigs have a limited word count and length. Here’s presently the most popular video scriber on Fiverr.

Animated Video

If you don’t specifically like video scribes or whiteboard animations but like the idea of an animated video for your gig, there are alternatives. I highly recommend checking out the “Video & Animation” category for more sellers that will create animated videos for you. Here is a seller I like.


After you get your animated videos or even if you have your own videos, it’s always a good idea to get a voiceover. It’s great to have text highlighting all of your gigs features but adding a voiceover will make your video and gig much more professional. There are a lot of different voices and sellers to choose from.

Custom music or Jingles

Don’t let your video be too boring. Flashy animations and graphics look fantastic and a great voiceover ups the quality but a video with no music or mood to it can be boring. There are sellers who will even write you a jingle for your gig if you are bold enough! If you don’t like jingles, there are sellers who can make you music, too.


There are also sellers who will edit your videos or even sound on your videos if you don’t have the software or capabilities to do it yourself. There are gigs that can help correct the audio levels on your videos, increase the lighting or contrast (a lot of gig videos get rejected for this) and even correct any audio and video syncing issues you might have in case you recorded your gig video with a bad camera. Check out some of the best video editors and audio editors.

Remember, while Fiverr is a great resource for you to make money on, it’s also a great way to outsource work and even invest in your own gigs or business. Plus you’re giving back and providing work to other Fiverr sellers who are just trying to make some money like you!

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