Cashing in on Mother’s Day: What to sell on Fiverr for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up and it can be the perfect time and opportunity for you to cash in and make some money on Fiverr. Fiverr loves holiday and theme related gigs. If you want to be featured on the front page over the next few weeks, now is one of the easiest times ever. I highly recommend creating a gig that is Mother’s Day themed to take advantage of this and potentially get featured. Not only will that get you a lot of orders on that new gig, it has the potential to increase the orders of your other gigs and bring you closer to becoming a Top Rated Seller.

Below are some gig ideas. If you get really creative or add a unique twist to the suggestions below, it will greatly increase your chances of being featured. If your gig does wind up being featured, let me know!

Mother’s Day themed Arts & Crafts / Jewellery

If you already sell arts & crafts products on Fiverr, try to create a special or unique product just for Mother’s Day or tailor a product you’re already selling for Mother’s Day. Something like a rose, a heart, or handmade jewellery that is themed for Mother’s Day could work really well.

Singing & Music “Happy Mother’s Day!”

If you’re musically gifted or have a singing voice, create a gig that is something like “I will sing Happy Mother’s Day” or “I will wish your mom Happy Mother’s Day while playing guitar”.

Graphic Design: Mother’s Day card

A great idea that I have yet to see featured is offer to create and design a Mother’s Day card that can be printed out. Offer to customize it and even allow buyers to upload photos of their mothers to be used in the cards. Allow buyers to insert custom messages in the cards or choose from several layouts. The potential gig extras are great for this allowing you to upsell and increase the average price of the gig!

Artistic Portrait or Caricature

Of course this requires you to have the artistic talent to do this but if you’re already selling similar gigs, it would be a really good idea to create a Mother’s Day themed version of your best selling gig to do this.

Animated Video or Video Wishing “Happy Mother’s Day!”

If you offer video animations, stop-motion videos, video spokesperson, video scribes or anything like this, rework your most popular gig and offer to wish “Happy Mother’s Day!” in your video instead of what you usually offer. This surprisingly sells a lot better than you may think. Video animations aren’t only for small businesses looking to attract customers!

Music Video to Photos of Mother

Another idea is to ask buyers for photos and create a music video or video slideshow showing all the photos (usually of the buyer and their mother) to some nice music using soft transitions from one photo to the next. If you have the ability, animate the photos within a picture frame for a nice touch.

Mother’s Day Poem

If you’re doing copy writing or article writing gigs already, you could try to work in Mother’s Day into one of your more popular gigs. An idea that I have yet to see would be to offer to write a short poem for Mother’s Day and even allow buyers to suggest themes or events that happened in their life and work them into a poem.

Remember that this doesn’t only apply to Mother’s Day. Fiverr loves any gig that is themed for an upcoming holiday. The 4th of July isn’t too far away and it could be another opportunity to get a gig on the front page and featured.

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