Fiverr Has A New Rating System And What It Means For Sellers

Fiverr has officially rolled out a new order rating system that replaces the old thumbs up/thumbs down system into a new 5 star rating system that allows buyers to rate a gig for 3 different categories:

Seller Response Time

Service as Expected

Buy Again or Recommend

After each is rated by the buyer, the seller is given an average rating on their gig. So, if the buyer gave 5 stars across the board, the average rating would be 5 and the sellers rating on that gig would be 5.

No more are the days when a buyer could only rate a gig 0% or 100%. No more will a 99% rating be the standard. It seems like this rating system is here to stay and a lot of sellers are nervous about it.

This is not just your average seller either, I’m talking well-known and popular Top Rated Sellers are not liking this system.

sellers rating

There are petitions across the Fiverr forum asking for this feature to be removed and reversed.

But why?

First of all, the Fiverr buyer mentality has been a lot worse lately. Sellers have had to continue to undercut each other as the marketplace becomes more and more competitive. Sellers are forced to offer a lot for only $5 just to stay competitive. There seems to be a new seller every day who is able to offer more than the last.

This rating system does not help the situation. This allows buyers to leave “middle-ground” reviews especially with the mentality lately. Before, the rating was either just good or bad but now the buyer gets to say the gig was “ok”.


This will drag down very high ratings and make things even more competitive than they need to be. If for some reason the picky buyers on Fiverr feel the need to not put in a 5 star, they will.

When Fiverr took 1 step forward last week by removing the cancelled gig penalties, they immediately took 2 steps back supporting their sellers by implementing this system.

I highly recommend updating all your delivery messages and strongly encouraging buyers to always leave 5 star ratings and if for any reason they are unable to give you a full 5 stars to let you know before leaving a rating. This will hopefully cut down on the wishy-washy ratings.

I feel as though a buyer’s written review was enough to point out, in detail, the positives and negatives of a gig. I really don’t think a rating system like this is necessary at all, especially for a marketplace that’s trying to be “simple” and have services and products for $5.

View the petition:

Fiverr’s argument is that this new rating system provides “transparency” between sellers and buyers, however this is not entirely true. Written reviews allow buyers to spill the beans on the service they just purchased. This is a much more reliable account of the seller’s service than any kind of arbitrary rating system could be. The rating system is far too vague and a lot of buyers may see a 3 or 4 star rating as a good rating to leave on a gig they purchased without realizing the significant damage it can do to a seller’s gig’s rating, especially on a brand new gig.

A lot of sellers are worried and I complete relate. This just puts more pressure on the seller. Here’s to hoping that Fiverr restores the old system or at least modifies the current one so that it is a hybrid system where buyers can still rate individual aspects of the service and have it shown with their review, but a thumbs up/down system is still the rating that affects the seller’s overall rating.

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  • Great post! I think the new rating system will hurt a lot of top sellers. What do you think of Fiverr’s new search look? I liked the express and videos at the top. Now video option is on the side. I also think you view less gigs at a time while scrolling.