Fiverr News: June 05/14 – Mutual Cancellations No Longer Affect Cancellation Ratings

The first piece of big news comes from Fiverr itself. A big change has been introduced to Fiverr that will surely help sellers, especially when dealing with troublesome buyers.

As of now mutual cancellations, initiated by sellers or buyers on Fiverr, will not be factored into your cancellation rating or have any affect on your Level status.

What does this mean for us as sellers?

Well firstly, we no longer have to worry about having high cancellation percentages negatively affecting our sales.

Secondly, we can now cancel with peace of mind. I always recommend sellers to cancel an order as soon as a buyer shows some red flags. It’s easier to cut your losses immediately than deal with the headache later.

A lot of people would be put off when I told them this because they were worried about this increasing their cancellation percentage.

The next thing this means is that we won’t have to worry about the headaches that sometimes happen when buyers “accidentally” order and we have to cancel. A lot of buyers don’t understand how much it hurts sellers when they “accidentally” buy and cancel gigs.

This now allows sellers to offer refunds and not have to worry about it increasing their cancellation rating or risking their seller level.

Lastly, this no longer has an affect on our precious seller levels, which was ridiculous in the first place. Often times, orders are cancelled for good reason and a cancel gives a buyer their money back. There’s no reason to punish a seller unless the cancellation was due to inactivity and a seller not delivering orders on time.

Father’s Day is coming up and you all know what that means: another opportunity to be featured on the front page and cash-in.

Fiverr eats this stuff up and they love to feature gigs that are unique or are relevant to an upcoming holiday.

I wrote about this previously when I talked about creating gigs just for Mother’s Day to cash in. I highly recommend doing it as the more creative you are, the more likely you will see a good result from it.

I recommend gigs like “create a card for your dad on Father’s Day” or “Wish your dad happy Father’s Day”. You’ll notice the gig titles both include the words “dad” and “father” which should also help it be picked up in the searches.

Anyway, that’s all for now in the world of Fiverr. Wishing you guys a lot of success on Fiverr!

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