Fiverr Success Is Updated And Expanded for 2015!

Happy new year everyone! 2014 just flew by but I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun.

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who’s supported me and Fiverr Success. I really hope you all have found a lot of value out of this blog and my e-book. We’ve created some really cool things together and this website and grown so fast that I still can’t believe it.

As Fiverr continues to change, so must we! We need to adapt or die to Fiverr’s changes, and there have been quite a lot in 2014.

Fiverr has seen a completely new facelift, new layout, new features for sellers such as custom quotes, the change from thumbs up/down ratings to 5 star ratings and even some crucial rule changes.

Fiverr Success became a little out-dated with these changes and I felt like I needed to update the book as well as expand it with a few new sections in order to ensure it continues to help people well into 2015.

So here I present to everyone, the updated and expanded for 2015 version of Fiverr Success!

new book mockup 2 400

The updated and expanded version of the e-book makes some important changes to some of the instructions in the book that were updated as well as changing some of the tools I recommended in the past since a few of them have changed. I’ve added a few new sections, such as a section talking about gig promotion as well as breaking down in detail how to actually make money on Fiverr by using other successful sellers, besides myself, as a case study and example.

A lot of the screenshots in the book have been changed and updated to better suit Fiverr’s present look/layout as well as for the sake of relevancy.

It was a long time coming but I hope this updated version of the e-book clarifies a few things that people would frequently ask me, as well as continues to provide people value. The book went from 70 pages to well over 80 pages with this update.

Thanks again everyone for participating in this small community, supporting me, sending me your criticisms and love and just for reading my babbling and watching my rants.

Let’s make 2015 our best year online and on Fiverr!

– Corey

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