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The book has launched and I’ve been really pleased with the feedback I’ve been getting! I appreciate everyone’s interest and support. Of course, with anything new, there have been a lot of questions about the book. I’m going to try to answer some of the more common questions I’ve been receiving right here!

Will the saturation of these gigs hinder ones ability to earn the same?

No, I address this in the beginning of my e-book and I believe because Fiverr is so big and still growing everyday (the growth over the past 2 years for them has been massive) there’s still lots of room to differentiate and get some sales (and I do show you how in the book). I also share gigs that are very different from each other, that cover nearly every category on Fiverr. There’s 2 ways to make a lot of money on Fiverr: volume or a high average selling price. Even if you only have 10 orders a day, if you’re average gig selling price is over $12 because of gig extras, that’s a really good income on Fiverr.

Can you send me a link to your Fiverr account?

I will not share any Fiverr profiles for privacy sake, to prevent sabotage/bad reviews, etc. Why? The Top Rated Seller level is hand-picked by Fiverr, I feel as though I was lucky enough to get it. I don’t want any of the content in the e-book or anything I do/say risk my Fiverr account and my sales. I thought about it, while writing my e-book, if I should share my Fiverr profile but I decided it may hurt more than help.

What is minimum investment to start ?

You’re not required to invest any money into outsourcing or using any tools. If you have some skills you just need to invest your time. If you don’t have any skills I show you what gigs that are in-demand that require no skill. These gigs though either require a supplier or a tool/software. It could be anywhere from $1-$100. Realistically though, it doesn’t require any financial investment. It’s more about investing your time. I just show you the tools and software because it makes your life easier and it opens up what kind of gigs you can sell.

How long will it take for a complete newbie to get setup?

You will need to read the book in its entirety so that will take time. You will also need to take out an hour or so into setting up your Fiverr account from scratch and becoming familiar with Fiverr and the site. After that, setting up the gigs may take some time depending on your skill and what you need to set up each gig. Overall though, I think it’s safe for me to say your Fiverr profile and gigs could be up and running over the course of a weekend.

Is this book for Fiverr newbies or veterans?

Both. This book is for any Fiverr seller who is looking to earn more money on Fiverr.


I will update this post as more questions become more common.

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  • Abdul Mateen

    Is it REAL ?

    • Hey, yes the book is real and the earnings are real!

  • Hey Corey,

    Nice work! I’ve had some solid earnings on Fiverr the past few months, but nothing quite that well optimized. Late last month they put one of my gigs on the homepage, and that exposure really took it to a new level. I actually just put out a case study on it on my site this morning, I think you might like it.



    • Hey, thanks! I checked it out, great article. It was well worth the read. Congrats on that!

  • Colleen

    An eBook author that gets what the readership wants, relevant details. I’ve already taken action with pages of ideas, and that’s a serious step for me, considering other eBooks have just left me with the sinking feeling of “that’s it, what’s next?” Excellent work, Corey, really exceptional work.

    • Colleen,

      Those are really amazing comments. You guys have no idea how much it means to me to hear and read stuff like this. I put over 100 hours into my e-book. I really did try with it, and it’s really only the beginning. I’m here to further help you guys to hopefully be as fortunate and successful as I am on Fiverr! Thank you again and thanks so much for letting me know what you think of the book. It’s so fun to read!

  • Rubel

    I am from Bangladesh. I am interest to purchase your “Fiverr Success” e-book. I can pay you from my PayPal account. Can you please tell me how can i purchase your “Fiverr Success” e-book?

  • I am curious to find out what blog system you’re utilizing?

    I’m having some minor security problems with my latest blog
    and I’d like to find something more safe. Do you have any recommendations?

    • Hey Steffen,
      I’m using WordPress. A good plugin for WordPress is WordFence Security. It does a good job at protecting against vulnerabilities, hackers, injections and all that nasty stuff. I hope that helps! If you need help making your WordPress installation more secure, just let me know. I’m actually a freelance WordPress developer.