Get More Sales on Fiverr With Buyer Referrals

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Get More Sales on Fiverr With Buyer Referrals

A lot of Fiverr sellers keep their delivery messages really simple. Even worse, their delivery messages don’t do anything for them.

Sure, you might thank your buyer, you might even ask them to buy your gigs again if they liked your service.

But are you also asking buyers to refer other buyers to you?

There’s no integrated referral or recommendation system in Fiverr. A buyer can’t really recommend you to other buyers and get rewarded when a new buyer purchases your gig because of their referral.

When buyers receive your gig, they can choose to share their purchase on social media.

This is not good enough.

What we want to do is get our satisfied buyers to go and actually tell someone about our gig and get them to buy it.

How do we do this? Well, we need to reward buyers that refer someone new to us, as well as offer the new referred buyer some kind of discount or gift, to get them in the store.

Again, because Fiverr doesn’t really offer a way to make this easy for sellers, we need to create our own system.

How to Get Buyers to Refer New Buyers to You

Every time you deliver a gig to your buyer, include a delivery message that encourages them to recommend another buyer to you. It should look something like this, in addition to your regular delivery message:

If you recommend a buyer to me, let them know to tell me that you sent them and you’ll both get a free $5 gig extra on the house, just for being awesome!

So, not only are you encouraging someone new to buy your gig by offering them a free gig extra, you’re also giving the buyer that referred someone to you, with a free gig extra.

Now of course, you don’t want to give away the farm for just another referral.

What I would do in this case, would be to clearly state that it must be a $5 gig extra that they choose when claiming their reward for the referral. That way, if you have a $50 gig extra that is a lot of work, you’re not giving that away for free.

So, if you’re a logo designer, maybe you give the buyer that gave you the referral and the referred buyer the raw, PSD file of the logo for free, instead of charging them $5 for it.

If you’re selling voiceovers, give away the $5 gig extra that adds an extra 30 seconds to their recording.

You can’t just ask buyers to tell other people about your gigs. That’s not good enough. You also can’t just have people who are recommended your services buy it based purely on the recommendation. The key here is that you’re offering something. It doesn’t have to be a free gig extra, this is just what I think is the easiest to do on Fiverr and makes the most sense for most buyers and sellers.

It’s a lot more powerful for a buyer to recommend other people by telling them “Hey, check out this guy that creates logos, mention me and he’ll give you a free $5 gig extra” than just “Hey, check out this guy that creates logos”. See the difference?

Change Your Mindset

Most successful freelancing businesses are built through referrals. Fiverr is just another platform for your freelancing business. Treat every old and new buyer like a client. You need to understand that if someone buyers your (for example) logo gig, that they likely know many other people who need logos designed. Someone who needs a logo, likely has a website or business. Someone who has a website or business, likely talks to a lot of people who run websites or businesses. You target buyers are friends with your target buyers.

I hope this helps. Be sure to add the above script to your delivery message and share how it works out for you in the comments below. I read and engage with all comments.

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