How To Automate Your Fiverr Selling With Auto Gig Deliveries

There are a lot of sellers on Fiverr who make a decent side income selling products instead of an actual service on Fiverr. I’m talking about things like e-books or software. Instead of trading your time for a measly $4 you can upload a product for every sale you get on Fiverr. Selling products on Fiverr is a lot easier than selling a service and they are surprisingly in-demand if you have a good product because of how inexpensive it is for users on Fiverr. You can’t go wrong buying products for $5.

This still takes a few minutes to do, especially when you start to get frequent orders. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could automate this and have software do this for you?

Well you can! Fiverr Automatic Seller is a bot that will login to your Fiverr account and automatically upload your product and deliver gigs for you everytime you get a sale. It’s also really easy to use.


You just boot it up, select the file you want to deliver with each gig you have active and sit back and let the software do the work.

When there is an order, the bot will detect it and quickly deliver the product and gig to the buyer. The bot will also rename the file to personalize it for your buyer. For example, if you’re selling diet plans and user “Bob123” buys your diet plan gig, the bot will rename your diet plan file to “Bob123_dietplan”, upload the file and deliver it to your buyer.

The software also supports unlimited accounts so you can keep your account that you sell services on separate from your product accounts.

The software also receives updates, so as Fiverr makes physical changes to their system and website you won’t have to stress about it. The software will always stay up-to-date with all versions of the website that Fiverr puts out.

The best part about this software is that there is no risk to your account using it. The way it’s programmed is not against Fiverr’s TOS so you can let it do its thing care-free.

Wondering what kind of products you could sell on Fiverr with this? Here’s a few ideas:

  • Tutorials (videos, PDF’s) about any niche. marketing, beauty, health, weight loss, etc
  • Graphics package, sales pages, headers, wso graphics, buttons, banners, etc
  • eBooks
  • Software (reseller rights, your own products)
  • Sites lists (blogs, .edu, .gov, forums, any other script)
  • Proxies lists
  • PLR Articles
  • Leads (list of businesses or merchant of any niche, emails list, etc.)
  • Business strategy (online businesses, local businesses, social media, etc.)
  • Diets
  • Exercise plans
  • Ideas for businesses or campaigns of any niche
  • Resume templates and cover letter templates
  • Powerpoint presentation templates
  • Recipes

And a lot more! You could easily create products in things you have a lot of knowledge and expertise in and sell it on Fiverr.

If you’re interested in using Fiverr as a source of passive income, check out the bot here.

Pretty cool, right? It also has other features which make things even easier such as popping up a small window on your desktop to quickly reply to messages or even notifying you when a user requests a modification to their order.

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  • Nathan

    This tool looks great, though i am a Mac user, do you know if there is any plans for a Mac version or a similar tool that is compatible with a Mac?

    • Hey Nathan,
      I’m not sure, you could always try contacting the owner of this tool or perhaps even running a virtual machine for Windows on your Mac to get this tool running. That’s what I would do 🙂

  • Parv

    Is this still the best tool?