How to Exceed Buyer Expectations on Fiverr Everytime and Grow Your Sales

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How to Exceed Buyer Expectations on Fiverr Everytime and Grow Your Sales

If you want to grow your sales on Fiverr, and build up your seller profile and name on the website, it’s the little things you do in the beginning (or starting now) that will add up for you.

Just like any service business, exceeding your customer expectations can go a really long way. In this case, exceeding Fiverr buyer expectations, and going above and beyond what they expect from a simple gig, can really help grow your sales.

Typically, the average Fiverr seller will get an order, fulfil it, and deliver the minimum work possible to keep the customer happy. This is okay on most occasions, but if you’re just starting out or struggling to bust a plateau, every single sale you get should matter much more to you.

If you treat every sale like it’s your last, buyers won’t have any other choice but to leave you a glowing review, tell their friends and other buyers about you, and come back for more.

By exceeding buyer expectations, especially early on when you’re only getting 1 or 2 sales a week if you’re lucky, a slow growth can happen when you take a little more time with each gig. It’s all about growing your customer base, and getting 5 star reviews on all of your gigs early on.

However, not all 5 star reviews are the same.

Sure, you can do the minimum and get 5 star reviews everytime. But what if I told you that you could do a little more and get tremendously positive reviews that make it a no-brainer for new buyers to purchase your gigs, and a no-brainer for your current buyers to recommend you to other people.

I’m not suggesting you do an outrageous amount of work for a measly $5 either. I don’t expect you to over deliver forever and I don’t expect you to slave away for buyers who already expect too much.

So how can we over deliver without killing ourselves as sellers?

There are two proven ways to surprise your buyers and exceed their expectations.

1. Throw in a free gift

When you deliver a gig to your buyers, what do you usually include? What they asked for and maybe, if you care enough, a nice personalized message.

When sellers try to over deliver, they go too overboard. For example, if they create logos, they’ll throw in 10 variations instead of 1 to try and impress their buyers.

This is too much work.

It’s all about the gesture.

If you create and sell logos on Fiverr, throw in a free gift or bonus. Maybe a PDF or book that can help your buyer. This can be the same free PDF you give to every buyer early on as a free, surprise gift.

What’s in this PDF? Whatever your target buyer would find helpful. If people are buying logos, it’s likely they have a website or business. Maybe a short PDF on branding or marketing.

If you sell voiceovers, maybe a short PDF on editing or a list of great free editing tools.

It’s the little things that go a really long way as a Fiverr seller.

Alternatively, you can throw in a free gig extra. So, when you deliver your gig, surprise them by saying “Hey, I know you didn’t order the X gig extra, but I threw it in this time, just for you because I thought your project was cool!”

2. Throw in a “coupon”

Another great trick to get customers coming back, while exceeding their expectations, is to throw in a coupon or future freebie.

For example, when you deliver your gig, tell them “Hey, I really enjoyed working on this project! Feel free to order again in the near future, if you do, I’ll throw in any $5 gig extra for any of my gigs for free!”.

So, unlike the free gift method, this isn’t over delivering upfront. This is the promise of over delivering on the next order. This might be better suited for sellers with a large volume of sales that are unable to over deliver on every order.

However, this is not as effective as the first method, free gifts, when it comes to exceeding buyer expectations. While they still might expect it, and they would be more than happy for receiving it, immediately throwing in something for free is your best bet if you’re trying to make a lasting impression on buyers.

The best part about it is that you don’t have to put in extra work for each buyer. You can create a free gift bundle, almost like a gift bag, to all your first time buyers. People love free stuff and free helpful resources. You can throw in a resource guide, a how-to, a tool list, a checklist. Get creative and make sure the type of people that buy your gigs would find them helpful and useful. Don’t just throw in a guide to guitar playing when you’re selling logo design gigs. That will look thoughtless and automated.

Also ensure the content is yours. Don’t steal, and don’t get lazy. It should be your work (which will allow you to come across as an authority and expert) and you should even consider personalizing each gift. Even if it’s as simple as naming the file or PDF to the username of the buyer.

I hope this helps and gets some of the creative juices flowing for some of you new and veteran Fiverr sellers. Remember, it’s not all just about getting the right gigs and selling them. There are nuances and little things like customer service which can go a long way for you.

What do you think? If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. I engage and respond with all of them.


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