How to NOT be successful on Fiverr

I like to talk a lot about what it takes and how to be successful on Fiverr. Sometimes though, when we know how to do the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve, we have a better understanding of how to achieve our goal. Let’s talk about how to not be successful on Fiverr. Warning: A lot of sarcasm in this blog post. Remember, I’m not serious here. I want you all to be successful.

1. Use really crummy gig photos

Don’t bother with paying someone on Fiverr to create you a beautiful and inexpensive photo for your gig that will pay for itself in no time. Instead, opt for something you found on Google images. Better yet, steal someone else’s Gig photo!

2. Do not upload videos to your gigs

You’re probably camera shy, which is okay! The best way to never get your gig found is to never upload a video for it. Sure, there are people on Fiverr who can make you a video for $5 but why bother with that? The best way to be unsuccessful is to not give your gig the best possible chance of being found!

3. Don’t enable the Live Portfolio

If you’re a graphic designer or providing a gig where buyers may want to see samples of your work before purchasing, turning on the Live Portfolio (under Sales > My Gigs) is a terrible idea if you want to be unsuccessful! Buyers who can see samples of work you’ve completed for other buyers will help your gig convert too much. You want that conversion percentage as low as possible. The more successful sellers will upload a screenshot of the work they did or the work itself when delivering the gig so it will show up in a gallery on their gig when the “Live Portfolio” is on.

4. Let unsatisfied buyers stay unsatisfied

Never cancel an order when a buyer is unsatisfied with your work and never offer a refund. Allow the buyer to leave that negative feedback. You need to earn that $4 now (even though that negative review will cost you an unknown amount of potential sales). Successful sellers will prevent any buyer from leaving a negative review the moment they appear unsatisfied with the order.

5. Deliver late, sub-par work

Never admit to the buyer the work you produced wasn’t up to snuff or what they asked for is outside of your ability. Deliver the sub-par product, don’t cancel. It’s a 50/50 shot they leave a negative review but it’s certainly a risk worth taking on your pristine gig of 100% positive reviews.

Oh and, I know that delivering gigs “Very Late” puts your order at risk as buyers can cancel which will automatically leave a negative review but it’s worth taking the hit!

6. Ignore messages from other users

Following up with potential buyer questions will make them more likely to convert and buy your gig. This is how a successful seller on Fiverr operates, not an unsuccessful one.

7. Bend to every buyer’s demands

Sure, you’re working for a measly $4 but if that buyer wants $20 of additional work for free, bend to that buyer because you need to earn that $4! The buyer didn’t order the gig extras but wants you to do them anyway? The buyer is making requests for things outside of what you provide in your gig description? Just do it! The time wasted trying to earn the $4 from that order is time well wasted.

You’re not shooting for a high hourly rate here!

There you have it. You are now on your way to becoming an unsuccessful seller on Fiverr.

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