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A few weeks ago I asked for my visitors, readers and subscribers to contact me if they had a success story on Fiverr that they would like to share on my blog. I got a few responses but the most intriguing I received so far was Top Rated Seller visualarts success on Fiverr. He was kind enough to take a few minutes of his time to answer some of my questions and share them with you all. It’s really interesting and well worth the read.

How long ago did you get started on Fiverr?

My account is rather young just over one year, but I must admit I did have one account before this and I reached level 2 seller really fast (in 30 days) but I lost that account by trying to be friendly and used some private details which was against Fiverr ToS so I lost it by giving my email to a customer after he asked. So on this account I follow Fiverr ToS and obey their rules and never got in any trouble.

What made you start on Fiverr? How did you get started?

At first it was just to get some extra income, I figured why not, I have knowledge, why not earn some pocket money. But after some time I find out that there is great potential in Fiverr to earn steady income by delivering quality works and have returning customers.

How did you decide what gigs to sell?

I wanted to use my knowledge of Photoshop so in the beginning I did some brainstorming to figure out what to do. I started with rather simple mock-ups of book covers and proper book covers for Kindle. I tested some other gis for couple months ( around 30 different gigs) and after testing I decided to keep 10 gigs which gave me profit.

What was your initial experience on Fiverr like?

Fiverr has great potential, don’t be fooled by initial “I will do for $5” as some low cost and low quality products. On Fiverr you can find excellent designers, marketing experts, artists and much much more, but if you want something special be prepare to pay for it.

How long did it take for you to become a Top Rated Seller?

It took just over a year to become Top Rated Seller and I do believe my featured gig, quality of delivery helped a lot, and of course my 100% rating helped.

Is Fiverr just a side-income for you or has Fiverr become your full-time income?

It is side income but I must admit it helped me a lot more than my daily job, I’m not in any debt and I did purchase furniture for my home. After I did crash my car in an accident, I bought a used car from Fiverr income 🙂

Have you used Fiverr to upsell graphic design services outside of Fiverr? Has Fiverr allowed you to build clientèle for other services?

Unfortunately no, because it is against Fiverr ToS, as I mentioned before I already did lose one account for a stupid mistake and I keep everything professional and safe for me and my customers. But I also must say that I do have a lot of returning customers who are really satisfied with my work. For example I do have one customer with over 100 covers delivered 🙂

What is your bestselling gig and why do you think that is?

visualarts gigMy best selling gig is also my featured gig, which is book cover design. I deliver JPG in Kindle format in print ready resolution (300 dpi) and for extra options the customer can order spine and back cover, 3D mock-up, CMYK PDF for CreateSpace (self publishing), layered editable Photoshop file or even speed up the process of delivery. I delivered over 2000 different and unique covers and I try to keep my customers happy with each one, and that is main reason why this is successful gig 🙂

What has been your greatest difficulty on Fiverr so far and what did you do or are you doing to overcome it?

Hardest thing is starting on Fiverr, it is sometimes frustrating to wait for initial orders, I was thinking that nobody even see my gigs and it was a waste of time. But one by one after some time orders started to roll in and everything was falling into place. The important thing is to attract visitors by doing a of couple tricks: title and description must be clear and explanatory to potential buyers, image of gig must be professional and appealing (use some Fiverr artist if you cannot create one), always add video to your gigs and finally use tags as keywords which potential customers would search.

What are your future plans on Fiverr if any? How do you plan to scale up or increase your orders?

I really don’t have any plans for expanding business to any higher level. Since I do all work alone I’m happy with current extra income and I can manage this volume of orders. I understand I could start my own business and even outsource some of my work but with that I believe i would lose quality of my work and therefore my customers in long run.

What tips do you have for new sellers?

I do have a “tip” gig and I believe it is a must have for any Fiverr seller because you can use it for any extra work your customer requests. I regularly receive tips for my job because as I say the important thing is to deliver QUALITY work and keep your customers happy, so my customers reward me for that 🙂

I would like to again thank visualarts for sharing this knowledge and his experience with us. It was a privilege! I highly recommend you guys check him out, his services are fantastic for the price. You really can’t go wrong with a properly formatted and quality e-book cover for only $5.

If you guys have your own success story on Fiverr that you’d like to share, let me know! I would love to do a quick interview with you and feature your profile and gig here. You don’t have to be a Top Rated Seller or even a Level 2 seller to be featured here. I would just love to hear from readers and users who are making some money on Fiverr. Contact me!

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