Interview With Successful Level 2 Fiverr Seller ProudOak

I haven’t done one of these in a while but I got a great email from a reader detailing their success on Fiverr. Proudoak is an experienced businessman who offers his expertise on finance and business to Fiverr buyers.

How long ago did you get started on Fiverr?

I started a little more than a year ago in February 2015.

What made you start on Fiverr? How did you get started?

I found out about Fiverr from another website dedicated to making money on the side. I was looking to build up additional streams of income and Fiverr seemed to make a lot of sense.

How did you decide what gigs to sell?

I did a self inventory of the things I was good at. It was a little scary because none of my particular talents lined up well with the then current offerings that were doing so well like logo design, voiceovers and similar gigs. I started off with just two Gigs: Finding grants and providing business advice. I slowly added a few once I hit Level 1 two months later. They included things I had successfully helped others with like resume writing, cooking tips, PowerPoint improvement, and setting up Asana. Ironically, many of those are paused right now because they weren’t producing. I currently have 6 Gig active and two main producers: “Find a grant” and “Give you advice on a business challenge”.

What was your initial experience on Fiverr like?

I was anxious early on. Getting to Level 2 was a goal and it didn’t feel like it was happening fast enough. I was not in the high demand Gig space. The gigs I offered, particularly the business advice, were very tailored to each client and open-ended unlike 3 hours of VA service or SEO assistance. It took a little while to gain some traction.

How long did it take for you to become a Level 2 Seller?

It actually took 8 months for me to hit Level 2. I do firmly believe that hitting Level 2 gives your potential clients a sense of security when ordering a gig.

Is Fiverr just a side-income for you or has Fiverr become your full-time income?

Fiverr is side income and a lead generator for me. I have made low-mid four figures in the past year or so directly from Fiverr work, but it has also led to people engaging in my small business coaching program. I have generated additional revenue from that offering.

What is your bestselling gig and why do you think that is?

Without a doubt it is the business advice gig. In the past 6 months, it has represented nearly 100 orders. As with all of my gigs, I over-deliver. The few sellers who are delivering a similar service simply type their advice into the delivery message or on a basic Word document. They don’t do anything special either because they over-value their advice or have the “it’s just $5 attitude”. I have created a report “template” that looks professional and conveys value beyond the words on it. When I add my advice to the template, the client receives an end product that appears that much thought and time was put into the delivery. I firmly believe that is why the feedback I get is so much stronger than just “Good job”. They leave lengthy positive comments that lead to more sales.

A few examples of feedback from over-delivering and the resulting feedback (which equals more sales):

Jbrake – Kevin really helped me in that he took the time and effort to input his advice regarding my idea. I guarantee that he will help you as well. He is very dedicated in helping others in leading them in sound advice. The gig that was offered was outstanding and was worth more than the money spent.

Bcfashion – Perfect Job! very professional – I will work with you soon! Thank you very much!

Coltlafreniere – My best experience on fiver! Thank you for going above and beyond!

Brianpigott – Fast response, very friendly, and most importantly, follows through with your request and goes the extra mile. He organizes his response in a way that easy to follow and use going forward.

Goldcoasthhair – Valuable, in-depth and sound advice. Kevin goes out of his way to give you a high quality and personalised service. We will most certainly use him again.
What has been your greatest difficulty on Fiverr so far and what did you do or are you doing to overcome it?

Client expectations. Some clients want the moon for $5 and it can be frustrating, especially if you have an open-ended gig. You must OVER-DELIVER, OVER-DELIVER, OVER-DELIVER… It may seem painful at first but I have a number of repeat clients who will only use my services and have become profitable. On top of that, it has lead to numerous other opportunities.

What are your future plans on Fiverr if any? How do you plan to scale up or increase your orders?

My goal is to increase my Fiverr presence and become a Top Seller. I have a 100% 5 star feedback rating and I receive feedback on more than 76% of my deliveries. I believe that I will eventually get noticed with those statistics. Beyond that, I am currently exploring a number of potential gigs to offer including some based on suggestions in your eBook. It will be a case of offer and adjust, but it will undoubtedly be worth it in the long run.

What tips do you have for new sellers?

I mentioned it once and I’ll do it again: You must OVER-DELIVER, OVER-DELIVER, OVER-DELIVER… Once you build your reputation, you can increase your pricing and add extras based on what you learn. Find complimentary products you can add as extras that don’t cost you anything or any more time. I wrote an eBook on entrepreneurship and I offer it as a $5 extra. I have sold several copies because it parallels my offering and they are pure profit. All I have to do is attach it to the delivery and I get paid.


I’d like to thank Proudoak for sharing his experience and success with us! Be sure to check out his Fiverr profile! If you have a Fiverr success story you’d like to share, be sure to contact me!

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