Introducing the Fiverr Calculator: Calculate Your Target Earnings and Orders Needed!

I’m introducing a really neat tool that anyone, especially Fiverr sellers, can use to calculate how many orders and the average selling price required to reach your target monthly Fiverr earnings. It’s called Fiverr Calculator. The great thing about it, is that it takes into account the amount Fiverr takes per sale (20%) as well as PayPal’s cut.

It’s really easy to use! Simply input your desired monthly earnings that you think is possible or would like to achieve into “Monthly target earning” and the website will calculate your required orders per day and month. You can also change the average price per order to see how it affects your earnings when you sell gig extras. The dollar amounts are in USD (US Dollars).

That’s about it! Check it out, it’s a really cool and easy tool for Fiverr sellers to put their goals or current orders in perspective.

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  • Great tool! Just started reading your book to see how I can add it to what I’m already doing. Awesome book!

    • Thanks! Hope you get a lot of value from it!

  • Lukas

    Hi, great tool ;-). I just want to say “thank you” because when I started 4 days ago step by step by your book, I didn´t expect so crazy results. After 4 days I have done 55 orders :-). I love it!!!

    • That’s amazing! I love reading stuff like this! That makes me very happy. I’m really glad my book has helped you!

  • It doesn’t work anymore 🙁

    • Ah!
      Thanks for letting me know! It’s back up now! 🙂