Scam Alert: Yet Another Website Selling My Book As Their Own

Bad news again, guys. Please be cautious out there.

I just wanted to warn anyone who is thinking about purchasing my e-book or who has purchased my e-book, that there is yet another scammer out there except this one is much more bold. This person is trying to pass themselves off as me. They have my image, my picture up on their website.

Do not purchase my book from the following websites:

I have already filed DMCA claims to try to combat this. I hope this doesn’t become a trend. Fortunately, this one will be much easier to take care of since it is blatantly obvious.

This person calls himself Emmanuel Clement on JVZoo, where they are selling my e-book, using my likeness, image and name to try to trick you guys. They are trying to pass the site off as if I own it. I DO NOT!

Do not purchase my e-book from there. If you have, file for a refund and please forward me your receipt and I will give you my e-books for free.

I’m sorry you had to go through that if you did.

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  • Marco

    It’s a shame people are trying to copy your work.

    I was hoping you could write a blog post about fiverr algorithm and how to get higher listings. I am listed in the fourth place in my category under the high rating tab, but on the 25th in the recommended tab. How could I improve this?

    I really like your products, the books and the udemy courses, they are great and are one of the motives of my fiverr success.

    Thanks a lot!


    • coreyvf

      Hey Marco,
      Thanks! That’s a good idea. I will definitely consider creating a blog post and video covering that.

      • Marco

        Thanks for replying, I look forward to seeing more of your awesome content.

  • Looks like the website has been taken down.