Sell On Fiverr Anywhere With Free Fiverr Anywhere Extension

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Sell On Fiverr Anywhere With Free Fiverr Anywhere Extension

There is a cool little Google Chrome extension just released a few weeks ago by the Fiverr team that I think has a lot more potential than most people think called Fiverr Anywhere.

I haven’t seen or heard much buzz around it so I decided to check it out myself, play around with it, and see if it had more potential than people think.

Okay, so first of all, what is the Fiverr Anywhere extension?

It is an official Fiverr browser extension for Chrome that allows for you to generate an “order now” button that you can embed anywhere like on your blog or website.


Why is this so interesting? Well the first thing is that you can create custom gigs with it. The Fiverr Anywhere extension allows for you to create custom gigs and charge up to $10,000 with them!

So for example, if you have a personal website or portfolio in which you are selling much more expensive services on, you can create listings for your services on your website and generate these “order now” buttons and allow people who visit your website to order your services through Fiverr from right on your website.

This allows for the potential to create some really interesting sites which can act as an extension of your Fiverr profile and allow you to promote that, instead of just promoting your Fiverr gigs.

Another interesting thing is that these buttons expire for a maximum of 4 weeks. So, if you were to use these on your website, you’d have to update them every 4 weeks with a newly generated code.

If you already sell services on your website and use something like PayPal to process your transactions, this gives you an alternative, especially if you’re already selling similar services on Fiverr.


I think it’s an interesting little extension to quickly create custom quotes with and it’s worth checking out.

How do you guys see yourselves using this extension? Is it useful to you? Let me know in the comments below this blog post. I would be really interested in reading about what you guys think.

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  • Guest

    Can we use this on 3rd party sites like FB?

    • Kind of. The code generated is HTML. But within the HTML is a url. If you send this URL for your custom gig to your friends or pages, that will work. Hope that helps!

  • Raawaz – Flawless Fashion

    I want to buy your book but clickbank not allow my country can you give me a way to get that?