The best 7 ways to promote your Fiverr Gigs

You determined what your gig is, you optimized the page, you created the video, now where’s the money? Starting a business is a lot of work. Your first few sales will be the hardest to achieve. But once you nail your Fiverr marketing strategy, you’ll be raking it in with the Top Sellers.

1. Join niche forums

Getting active on forums is a strong strategy to help you drive traffic to your page. However, just as you wouldn’t want someone to go onto your website only to leave a link and never return, you need to show respect to those active in the forums. Answer their questions, show your expertise and avoid giving a sales pitch with every post. Be subtle about it such as putting a link in your signature. Be picky about which forums you choose. Keep it to three to four so that you’ll be able to be an active member of it.

2. Create a website/blog

Building a website or blog around your Fiverr account shows that you’re credible. Don’t cheap out with a website that looks like it was made in the 90s. You can choose solid templates from Theme Forest for about $20-$50. Since you’ll have full control over the site you can promote your Fiverr account right on the front page. The more effort you put into building an audience, the more money that’ll flow in.

3. Social Media

Whether you promote your gigs to your Facebook fans or your large following on Twitter, social media is a sure way to increase the traffic to your gigs. Since Facebook has been cutting out how many fans see Facebook pages they’ve liked, creating a Facebook page may not be worthwhile. Twitter has a lot of potential. You can do routine searches to see who’s looking for a service like yours. Determine the keywords people use to search for your Fiverr gig and then use those same keywords to determine what Twitter users are searching for. Another great social platform to drive traffic to your Fiverr page is Pinterest. You’ll need to post pictures of things that relate to gig such as an infographic, cool product you make, etc.

4. YouTube

If you’re selling video testimonials or video spokesperson gigs, surely you will want to have a YouTube channel to promote yourself. But you can also drive traffic from YouTube to your gigs if you get creative enough. If you’re selling something like SEO for $5, why not upload YouTube videos about how to optimize your site with Google and include a link to your services. Users searching for ways to optimize their search engine results on Google will be likely interested in your affordable services.

5. Comment on blogs/articles

A great way to get your Fiverr profile and services out there is to search for relevant niche websites that have a blog and post articles that are relevant to what you are selling on Fiverr. Most blogs allow you to include a link with your post and if the situation allows it, you could even mention in your comment that you provide a relevant service on Fiverr.

6. The Fiverr forum and LinkedIn group

Fiverr actually has a forum to promote your gigs. I suggest trying it out if you’re new. You’ll get a lot of feedback in there from other sellers and it could certainly help you if you’re new to it all. Fiverr also has a LinkedIn Group for sellers. Be friendly and introduce yourself as well as ask for some critiques on your gigs. It will allow you to post links to your gigs as well as receive more feedback to help you improve the writing and titles on your gigs.

7. Offer to guest post

If you’re knowledgeable about a topic that is relevant to what you are selling on Fiverr, offer to write an article for relevant blogs and websites and in turn have them allow you to include a link to your gigs at the end of the article. It’s a great way to drive relevant niche traffic to your gigs with very little work.

Remember to think outside the box when it comes to getting traffic from external sources to your gigs. Fiverr does a good job of promoting your gigs for you and eventually, you will find that you will have to do less and less promotion as your gigs become more and more popular. These are great tips for new sellers who want to get their gigs some initial sales and reviews. Good luck!

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