The Best And Easiest Fiverr Gig To Sell For Newbies And New Sellers

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The Best And Easiest Fiverr Gig To Sell For Newbies And New Sellers

The question I get the most from Fiverr sellers and new Fiverr sellers is “what is the easiest Fiverr gig for new sellers?”. In this blog post, I am finally going to answer this question.

I just want to first preface my answer to this question with you need to have an open-mind and more confidence in yourself. This gig is not extremely difficult to do, it’s very low skill, and it’s very much in-demand on Fiverr.

The gig I want to suggest all new sellers try is: video testimonial gigs.


Now, before you groan or click out, hear me out. I think it’s really important you consider what I’m going to say and why you need to change your mindset.

Video testimonial gigs are really easy to do. A buyer hires you to say 30 words into the camera for $5. That’s less than a minute of work for $5. Most buyers will hire, provide you a script and have you to talk about their product, talk about their website, or simply explain a process. One of the best things about video testimonial gigs is that they leave a lot of room to earn a lot of money from every purchase.

Most people will not just purchase 1 multiple of your gig. They will purchase several multiples depending on the length of their script and they will almost always purchase your gig extras. Here, you can come up with some really interesting gig extras that take you little or no more effort to do. The buyer wants you to deliver the video in HD? Extra $10. The buyer needs you to write the script? $15. The buyer needs you in a certain attire or costume? $20.

There are buyers averaging almost $100 per order with these gigs and they are able to knock them out in batches. Imagine going from an entire day’s work to make $100 to making hundreds of dollars within a few hours.

Okay, so next you might be thinking, “aren’t there already a lot of people doing this?”

Yes, there are. The first thing I will tell you is to not let competition discourage you. Competition is a good thing. The reason there is competition is because it sells so well. The next thing I will tell you is buyers want fresh faces.

Do you think buyers want to feature a video of someone on their website that has been seen already on thousands of other websites? Of course not!

Buyers want fresh faces which means you will quickly get your first order if you optimize your Fiverr gigs and profile properly. If you do that, you will put yourself in a position to succeed and get the ball rolling for yourself on Fiverr, even if you’re a Level 1 seller.


And notice that when you search “video testimonials” on Fiverr, nearly every seller that does this is a Top Rated Seller? This is not a coincidence. Not only does this allow your Fiverr profile to ramp up with so many sales, Fiverr LOVES these type of gigs. Not only will they be more likely feature you on the front page but they won’t have any problem hand selecting you as a Top Rated Seller if these are the kind of gigs you sell.

Fiverr was built on video testimonials. They wouldn’t be where they are without them. Fiverr would frequently feature these type of gigs on their frontpage back in the day and when new visitors landed on their site, the videos of people talking about their services for sale gave the site a lot of personality. It really helped Fiverr grow and differentiate it from all the other freelancing sites out there at the time.

What about the camera?

You don’t need a super high-tech camera or some ridiculous lighting setup. Most phones nowadays have amazing cameras. I use my Logitech C920 to record my videos and it has served me just fine. It’s not crazy expensive and can definitely get the job done. Record yourself during the day in front of a window to bring in natural, flattering light to your face. It’s not rocket science, guys!

What about confidence? What if you’re shy?

You don’t need to be a beautiful model or professional actor to do this. You just need a little bit of confidence. Practice! Talk into your camera and record yourself a few times with a practice script. Watch the video and see how you look and sound, and tweak your performance from their. Remember, you will be a lot more critical of yourself than any of your buyers will be, so relax!

If you have an accent or English is not your first language, don’t let that be an excuse. That’s not a weakness, it makes you different! Differences and uniqueness are strengths. There are buyers out there looking to hire actors and actresses with accents to make them video testimonials.

What’s the next step?

Just try it! Go out there, step outside of your comfort zone, stop whining and go and make some money. You don’t need to make Fiverr into an over-complication. Give people what they demand and there’s a lot of demand right now for actors and actresses to do video testimonials.

If you still need more help or want to take your Fiverr selling to the next level, check out my new Fiverr Success course that will take you from Fiverr zero to Fiverr hero. It maps out the exact steps and gigs that helped me make $4000 a month on Fiverr.

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