What To Do Once Your Fiverr Gigs Stop Getting Sales

Fiverr has recently made some big changes! The layout is more sleek, managing orders and messages is easier and there seems to be a new algorithm. Since these major changes, a lot of people began to notice that their gigs either stopped receiving orders or they began to pick up.

Very recently, a lot of sellers have been complaining about this and a lot of people have been asking me for my help regarding this recent issue. I’m no expert of the Fiverr algorithm but I do know of a few ways that you can get your Gigs back to the way they were or better!

If you are part of some of the unfortunate Fiverr sellers that saw their Gigs go stale, I have here some tips and ideas to hopefully get your Gigs back to selling!

Copy Your Competitors

If your best gig stops getting orders all of a sudden, the first thing you should do and the easiest thing you can do, is search on Fiverr for the keyword you want to rank for and look at the top Gigs. For example, if you have a press release writing gig, search “write press release”. See what common titles, descriptions and tags the top 3 gigs have and imitate them.

Obviously don’t copy their descriptions word for word! See what works for the best gigs, including their images and videos, and use that and apply it to your gigs. This is the easiest way to get your Gigs back on track.

Experiment With Your Titles / Descriptions / Tags

Now that you have an idea of what titles and descriptions you should make yours look like, experiment with them on your Gigs. Try out a set of titles and descriptions for a few weeks and keep on eye on analytics.

After you see what works and what doesn’t, keep playing around with your gig titles, tags and description. Make the title shorter, use a different picture, try a different description and Gig extras.

Getting traffic to your gig is important but you’ll also want to experiment with what converts better. Maybe having a better and higher quality Gig video will get you more sales. Maybe something you said in your description is scaring off buyers, bringing down your conversion rate. It’s very important to experiment and test different things on your Gigs.

Create More Gigs

This should be another common sense solution that a lot of sellers miss out on. If you only had a few Fiver Gigs up and they suddenly stopped getting sales, it might be time to create new Gigs! Even if that means creating very similar Gigs, those new Gigs could be the ones that take off.

Remember, Fiverr has a 20 Gig limit and if you’re not utilizing that limit to it’s full potential, you are actually limiting yourself on Fiverr.

Scrap Your Gigs And Start Fresh

If nothing else works, it might be time to start fresh on Fiverr. However, if you do this, do not delete your gigs. Instead, suspend them. You don’t want to lose the precious reviews you have on those Gigs, if you do have reviews on them already. You can always go back and edit those Gigs or even edit those Gigs with reviews into completely new Gigs!

There are tons of different kinds of Gigs you can sell on Fiverr and start fresh with. If you need some ideas, check out my 100 Fiverr Gigs e-book to give yourself some ideas for Gigs you can start selling on Fiverr right now!

I hope this has helped you guys out there who have seen their Gigs go stale and start to grow some cobwebs on Fiverr. Keep grinding guys and be persistent!

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