What’s Next For Fiverr Success: What You Can Expect Soon!

I’ve been really pleased with the overwhelming positivity my e-book Fiverr Success has received. Ever since the release I’ve been hard at work to provide you guys with even more help and even more content. Of course, there will always be great, free content here for you guys weekly as well as insight and coverage of the world of Fiverr.

Here’s some great things you guys can look forward to really soon!

Fiverr Success Udemy Course “How To Be A Successful Seller On Fiverr”

udemy-redesignI’ve been hard at work to put together an amazing course for Fiverr newbies and veterans that will cover everything in my e-book and beyond. This course will be extremely detailed and unlike any Fiverr course presently available. You can expect quality lectures that will cover everything from what to sell and how to sell it, to walking you through exactly how to process and deliver gigs on Fiverr. It’s an extensive course and I hope it will be available on Udemy on May 27. I will of course let all my subscribers and readers know when it becomes available as well as include an early access coupon!

Fiverr Superior Seller e-book

fiverr superior seller ebookI’ve also been working on a new e-book which will expand a little on content from Fiverr Success. It will be a completely different e-book than Fiverr Success so it works as a compliment to my first e-book, not a replacement. I will still be working to update the content from Fiverr Success, for free, in the near future.

Fiverr Superior Seller will cover new gigs to sell on Fiverr that seem like they require a lot of work, but actually can be done in 10 minutes or less. The focus of this e-book will be increasing your hourly rate on Fiverr. The e-book will also include videos where I walkthrough how to complete the gigs in 10 minutes or less.

To Be Announced Fiverr e-book

mysterybookI also have another Fiverr e-book in the works that I am not ready to announce because I think it is so amazing, people will jump all over it too soon. It’s still in the works. What I can reveal is that it will be gig-centric. It will not be as general as Fiverr Success (if you can even say Fiverr Success is “general”!) and will be heavily focused on gigs.

1 Hour Private Consulting/Help Session

skype_consultingA lot of people have asked me via email if I could share my Skype name or personally coach them or help them setup their Fiverr profiles and gigs. I of course have helped people for free through email but a lot of people have wanted more.

I am considering offering 1-on-1 private help through Skype for an hour. I will have to charge a very low fee for this as too many people taking advantage of this would eat up too much of my time. So, the cost of this will be to only take on people who are serious. I’ve not yet worked out how this will work but it is something I will potentially do. If you are interested you can contact me at corey@makefiverrmoney.coreyferreira.com.

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  • Go Corey go! I like brief preview of up coming projects for sure! Udemy is most certainly in need of a laid back instruction on how to really do fiverr and I hope you nail it!