Who am I? A little about me, the author and what I promise with this site.

Hey! My name is Corey. Welcome to Fiverr Success! I was born in Toronto, Canada and I grew up there my entire life. When I was younger, you’d always find me around a computer. I was either tinkering with it or learning a new language or some type of software on it. Eventually, most of the skills I know now, like web design and graphic design, I taught myself at a young age.

When I was in high school, I started to freelance web design work for some money. This was my first experience as an entrepreneur. By the time I was done school and ready to go to college, it was a no-brainer for me. I had to go to business school, and I did.

Since I graduated, I worked a bunch of oddball jobs while freelancing on the side and learning how to make a decent income on the internet. Along came Fiverr around a year ago and for the first time I saw a full-time income from the internet. I’ll admit, a lot of it was a fluke. But I implemented a lot of the things I learned from business school and freelancing into my Fiverr “career” and I began to see progress in the number of sales I was making.

Through trial and error, I learned what worked and what didn’t on Fiverr. I helped many friends (and my girlfriend) setup a Fiverr account and eventually they all found success following the advice and tips I had given them. I realized I had the potential to teach people my blueprint and how to sell what I sell after seeing so much discussion on various internet marketing forums on how hard it was for other people to make money on Fiverr.

I wrote Fiverr Success within a few months. I basically spilled my guts, secrets and knowledge into a PDF and here I am today offering it to all Fiverr newbies and Fiverr veterans. I really think most people who read my e-book will take something away from it and see an improvement on Fiverr if they implement some of the things I teach. Obviously, my book isn’t for everyone. No book is and anybody who claims their methods or anything like that is, is a liar. I am really proud of Fiverr Success and I’m pretty confident a good majority of people who read it (in it’s entirety, don’t just skim through it!!) will be really happy with it.

Anywho, thanks for all your support so far! It’s really amazing and I hope to give back with this website. I will have free tips, videos, discussions, articles and more here! Stay tuned.

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Author of Fiverr Success, instructor of the Fiverr Success Udemy course and Fiverr guru on makefiverrmoney.com

  • Chandan

    I want to buy your book Can i see your profile in Fiverr?

    • Hey, I get this question a lot. Just to be clear, I will not share any Fiverr profiles for privacy sake, to prevent sabotage/bad reviews, etc.

      Why? The Top Rated Seller level is hand-picked by Fiverr, I feel as though I was lucky enough to get it. I don’t want any of the content in the e-book or anything I do/say risk my Fiverr account and my sales. I thought about it, while writing my e-book, if I should share my Fiverr profile but I decided it may hurt more than help.

      I hope you understand!

  • Rubel Hossain

    I am from Bangladesh. I am interest to purchase your “Fiverr Success” e-book. I can pay you from my PayPal account. Can you please tell me how can i purchase your “Fiverr Success” e-book?