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James King



Fiverr Success

My name is Corey...

And I'm a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr

I wrote this e-book to show you my blueprint and formula using Fiverr and how I make $4000 a month, working only 8 total hours a week. I've been on Fiverr since 2014, and through grueling experiments and trial and error, I've developed a way to make money on Fiverr with as little as 8 hours of work a week.

What You Will Learn With This Ebook

These are just some of the things you will learn with Fiverr Success

13 In-Demand Gigs

Step 1

You’ll see what gigs are in demand and what to sell. You will know how to sell them with minimal skill and effort. Most gigs I recommend don’t require a specific set of skills or talents.

My Gig Delivery System

Step 1

I share my efficient and fast gig delivery system. You’re provided with templates to use for all your deliveries as well as how to spend the least amount of time necessary on Fiverr.


Step 1

You’re provided with ways and suppliers to outsource the work for your gigs to put your earnings on near auto-pilot. If you wondered how people do certain gigs, I show you how.

Repeat Customers

Step 1

Learn how to get repeat customers and how to deliver quality gigs that will keep Fiverr users coming back. You’ll learn tricks to cross-promote your gigs to buyers.

100% Positive Rating

Step 1

You will know what to do to get only positive reviews from buyers on Fiverr as well as ways to get your first orders and reviews on all your new gigs to get the ball rolling.

Gig Extras

Step 1

Learn what the best gig extras to have are as well as how to use gig extras to increase the average selling price of your gigs. You’ll see how to upsell more services to buyers and earn more!

Optimizing For Conversions

Step 1

I hold your hand and show you exactly what gig titles, descriptions and keywords to use as well as how to optimize your gigs and profile for the most conversions possible.

Road to Top Rated Seller

Step 1

I share some tips on how to become a Top Rated Seller as well as share my story on how I did it and how you can too.

Secret Sauce

Step 1

My secret ingredient. This one thing blew up my Fiverr literally overnight. This could change the amount of sales you receive on Fiverr really quickly by making one simple but key change.

... and a whole lot more!

Here's an older video that shows how much I've earned using this system.

Check out this video that shows you my earnings on Fiverr!

A Little More About My E-Book...

These are just some of the features and contents in my Fiverr Success book!

I Became A Top Rated Seller And You Can Too!

Fiverr Success will put you on the path to becoming a Top Rated Seller. Not only does this e-book contain an easy to follow formula and tips, it also lets you know which gigs Fiverr loves, putting you on the fast-track to being featured and becoming a Top Rated Seller. Not only that, if you’re a new Fiverr user, this e-book will help you get to Level 1 Seller and Level 2 Seller in the minimal time possible.

Turn Your Earnings On Fiverr Around

I went from 1-5 orders a day to 20 and more. I went from $500-$1000 a month to $4000 a month and more. Fiverr is a goldmine and the earning potential on it is virtually unlimited as the site continues to grow and grow. I will show you how to tap into this potential and it’s a lot easier than you think! Not only is it easy, you won’t be required to put in as much work as you might think!

Easy To Sell And In-Demand Gigs

This e-book cleanly lays out for you 13 highly in-demand gigs, many of which do not require any special skill or talent, and show how exactly to sell them. I hold your hand and go through everything from the gig title to the description to keywords and even what gig extras work best for each type of gig. I go into every little detail for 7 gigs I recommend selling that take no special skill. A few of these gigs can even be outsourced for cheap and I show you how.

Optimize Your Gig And Profile For Sales

I provide many tips and methods to optimize your gigs and Fiverr profile for more orders, a higher average selling price and more profit. I cover everything from setting up your profile, to creating a gig, to getting your first sales and reviews. If you’re a Fiverr veteran, I show you what you’re probably doing wrong and how to take your gigs to the next level to get more page views. You’ll learn how to go around Fiverr’s 20 gig limit and be able to sell more.

Here's What Some Of My Readers Had To Say!

A Word From The Author

Hey, I’m Corey, I’m the author of this book. This book is not speculation or by some wannabe. I am a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr and I make money, enough to be someone’s salary.

I didn’t find this success immediately. I’m just a freelance web designer and graphic designer who decided to try Fiverr as a means to make some extra cash. I never thought I’d reach the level of success I did. Initially, it was difficult, but after some experimenting, my Fiverr blew up.

I wanted to share my method with everyone since when I started out, I couldn’t find any quality resources to help me out. I thought it was time to create one. This e-book is high quality. Make sure to follow me on Twitter or enter your email in the Subscribe field above to receive free Fiverr tips.

Buy now and get download the ebook immediately

Fiverr Success comes in 3 different bundles to suit your needs and learning experience. All three are excellent options, but some include fantastic features!

Fiverr Success + 100 Gigs + Fiverr Middleman ebook bundle 

This mega bundle gets you the popular Fiverr Success ebook plus the 100 Gigs e-book, as well as the Fiverr Middleman ebook. You get Fiverr Success, which will put you on the road to a Top Rated Seller, 100 Fiverr Gigs, which will offer you over 100 ideas for what to sell on Fiverr, and finally, Fiverr Middleman, a way to become a 6-figure freelancer by outsourcing all the work to Fiverr.


Fiverr Success + 100 Gigs ebook bundle 

Fiverr Success will put you on the path to being a successful seller on Fiverr, but this bundle includes the 100 Gigs e-book to ensure you have more than enough ideas for Gigs to start selling right now.


Fiverr Success ebook

If all you want and need is the e-book to get you to your goal of Fiverr Success, then this option is the best for you.


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Just go ahead and buy the book with confidence! I offer a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with this book and you don’t think it’s helping you make money on Fiverr, just contact me and I’ll refund you. The risk is entirely on me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the saturation of these gigs hinder ones ability to earn the same?

Step 1

A. No, I address this in the beginning of my e-book and I believe because Fiverr is so big and still growing everyday (the growth over the past 2 years for them has been massive) there’s still lots of room to differentiate and get some sales (and I do show you how in the book). I also share gigs that are very different from each other, that cover nearly every category on Fiverr. There’s 2 ways to make a lot of money on Fiverr: volume or a high average selling price. Even if you only have 10 orders a day, if you’re average gig selling price is over $12 because of gig extras, that’s a really good income on Fiverr.

Q. Can you send me a link to your Fiverr account?

Step 1

A. I will not share any Fiverr profiles for privacy sake, to prevent sabotage/bad reviews, etc. Why? The Top Rated Seller level is hand-picked by Fiverr, I feel as though I was lucky enough to get it. I don’t want any of the content in the e-book or anything I do/say risk my Fiverr account and my sales. I thought about it, while writing my e-book, if I should share my Fiverr profile but I decided it may hurt more than help.

Q. What is minimum investment to start?

Step 3

A. You’re not required to invest any money into outsourcing or using any tools. If you have some skills you just need to invest your time. If you don’t have any skills I show you what gigs that are in-demand that require no skill. These gigs though either require a supplier or a tool/software. It could be anywhere from $1-$100. Realistically though, it doesn’t require any financial investment. It’s more about investing your time. I just show you the tools and software because it makes your life easier and it opens up what kind of gigs you can sell.

Q. How long will it take for a complete newbie to get setup?

Step 3

A. You will need to read the book in its entirety so that will take time. You will also need to take out an hour or so into setting up your Fiverr account from scratch and becoming familiar with Fiverr and the site. After that, setting up the gigs may take some time depending on your skill and what you need to set up each gig. Overall though, I think it’s safe for me to say your Fiverr profile and gigs could be up and running over the course of a weekend.

Q. Is this book for Fiverr newbies or veterans?

Step 5

A. Both. This book is for any Fiverr seller who is looking to earn more money on Fiverr.

Fiverr Success ebook

Fiverr Success + 100 Gigs ebook bundle 

Fiverr Success + 100 Gigs + Fiverr Middleman ebook bundle

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